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Current highlights of the collection now are a 1911 touring, the oldest currently in the building, and a fully restored rare last year of production 1957 Hornet Hollywood Hardtop with all options including Kelvinator Air Conditioning.  Roadster LimoAlso of particular interest are the right hand drive Pioneer-bodied roadster brought from Argentina; a limousine with the early equivalent of porta-potties... funnels through the floor to the street below; and a fully restored award winning 1924 sedan. There is also a 1954 Hornet convertible representing the last year of Hudson as an independent company prior to the merger with Nash to form American Motors. Several 1955-6-7 AMC era Hudsons are also displayed, including Hudson Ramblers and Metropolitans.

In addition to vehicles, the collection houses memorabilia including advertisements, showroom banners, signage and dealer promotional items.  A photograph of one of Hudson Motor Company's founders, Roy Chapin, can also be seen here.1929 Essex

During World War II the automotive sector was converted to wartime production, and Hudson built the Invader 168 marine engines under license from Hall-Scott.  These 2000 cubic inch 6-cylinder behemoths are on display here as well, just as used in WWII landing craft.

Hudson WaspThe Hudson Company's 1930 era pioneering attempt at independent front suspension, patented as "Axle Flex," is also on display together with several complete automotive engines, including an AMC era 327 V8 with 4 barrel carburetor and a NASCAR winning Twin-H-Power 308 straight six, just as "Doc" Hudson used in the Pixar movie hit, CARS.  An early Terraplane engine is also on site, with more mechanical displays to come.

Come enjoy!